We’re closing out our second year of posting content to the Community-Centric Fundraising content hub. We feel incredibly lucky and honored to have worked with so many talented and passionate folks this year to expand our collective knowledge.

Here’s an anthology of everything that was published in 2021, organized by theme (and in order of date they were first published).


5 anti-ableist practices that any organization can embrace now! by Jessie Calero
I don’t think my ADHD is a problem and neither should you by Christine Bariahtaris
Everyone has support needs — we are just choosing to center non-disabled employees by Jessie Calero
7 tips to write content that is more accessible by Stacy Nguyen


How Growing Gardens went from a nonprofit that ignored racism to one that is actively practicing antiracism by Alice Skipton
Why every meeting should mention race and equity by Renee Rubin Ross
Are universities REALLY ready to take on antiracism? An Open Letter to UT Austin by Marcus Cunningham and Michelle Vryn, CFRE

Black Lives Matter

Collecting Courage with Nneka Allen, by the Ethical Rainmaker/Michelle Shireen Muri
Reparations and Truth Telling with Dr. David Ragland, by the Ethical Rainmaker/Michelle Shireen Muri
Want to keep Black women in the nonprofit sector? Worry about yourselves by April Walker
Faux statements and fake love: on performative activism and faux-woke organizations by Leah Rapley

CCF Principles

CCF’s top 10 accomplishments of 2020 by CCF
(Mis)Adventures in fundraising: What you can learn from my first failures in community-centric fundraising by Rachel D’Souza-Siebert
CCF is gonna go global by CCF
Three times trying a community-centric approach paid off by Chris Talbot-Heindl
How Autostraddle went from the edge of closure toward a robust (and successful!) community-centric donor model, during a pandemic! by Nicole Hall
Stakeholder Engagement,by Beyond Philanthropy/Monique Curry-Mims and Valerie Johnson
In case you missed it: CCF One-Year Anniversary Celebration edited video by CCF

Communication, learning, and storytelling

7 ways to tell stories ethically: the journey from exploited program participant to empowered storyteller by Nel Taylor
6 lessons for broadening your mental horizons, from the perspective of a Gen Z student by Isabella Lock
It’s pronounced ‘zeen’! (How the world of zines inadvertently prepared me for a career in nonprofit fundraising) by Yolanda Contreras
Why journalism needs to rethink its gold standards, especially when reporting on communities of color by Elisa Shoenberger

Data & Research

6 steps to making metrics an ally of your diversity plan by Christine Bariahtaris
The fact-based fallacy of accountability to donors by Hildy Gottlieb
Time Needs To Be Spent on the Intersections of Social Justice and Fundraising by Anna Rebecca Lopez
It’s time to rethink ROI metrics in racial justice by Sapna Sopori
The top 5 reactions I hear from nonprofit leaders when I bring up ‘inclusive and equitable research and analytics’ — and how I respond by Meenakshi Das
BIPOC nonprofit professionals need and want support by Anna Rebecca Lopez
Use informed consent to build trust and answer that damn demographics survey on grant applications by Allison Celosia


Take your Pride month and shove it by Carlos García León
The real cost of having a scarcity mindset by April Walker
What does it look like when we stop waiting for those in power to ‘save’ us, and start working collectively to keep each other safe? by Hanna Stubblefield-Tavey
Pay me like a white man: Support BIPOC creatives and professionals through tipping by Yolie Contreras
Raci$$$m with Phillip Chavira, by the Ethical Rainmaker/Michelle Shireen Muri


Fundraisers, your community needs your talents beyond your 9-to-5 office job by Taylor Gibson
Spilling the Tea on UK Fundraising with Fixing Fundraising’s Andy & Tom, by the Ethical Rainmaker/Michelle Shireen Muri
Take a lesson from Legos: Donor-centric fundraising doesn’t have to be in opposition to community-centric fundraising by Nate Levin-Aspenson
Fundraising should be like a polyamorous relationship by Carlos García León
Focusing on fundraising goals is harmful — let’s measure love instead by Vivien Trinh
A teen’s guide to putting the FUN in fundraising by Allison Hood and Sophie James
Why I am a fundraiser — despite not setting out to be one by Rakhi Agrawal
Tis the season: But is Giving Tuesday really community-centered? by Nikkia Johnson
The Metric of Love with Oregon Food Bank, by the Ethical Rainmaker/Michelle Shireen Muri

Nonprofit sector

I’m an executive director who has worked for free for nearly 10 years. Is it still even worth it? by Nicholas Steven George
7 questions to help figure out if you’re dealing with a performative nonprofit by Sanaa Ali-Mohammed
Nonprofits: the lessons we learned from the pandemic must stay, full stop by Meenakshi Das
Gretchen, stop trying to make “change the system from within” happen. It’s not going to happen. by Rebekah Giacomantonio
What TikTok taught me about capitalism and nonprofits by Leo Amosah
The annual report that never was … by Marisa DeSalles & Michelle Vryn

On the job

We’ve got to stop pretending program workers don’t exist by Nate Levin-Aspenson
Always give a cost of living increase — yes, especially after 2020 by Chris Talbot-Heindl
The untold dress code in philanthropy: how and when we choose to police gender expression by Carlos García León
How to become a Pokémon master … at organizational capacity building! by Nina Yarbrough
Does your board need to be more diverse? Here’s how to do it. by Meenakshi Das
Bringing Community to Communications with Sarah Durham, by the Ethical Rainmaker/Michelle Shireen Muri
The 40-hour work week is more harmful than helpful. Here’s what to do instead by Lauren Brooks
Cultivate talent with the same energy level you cultivate gifts — especially with your BIPOC support staff by Priscilla Lopez
White-led organizations: Here are three keys to incorporating racial equity in strategic planning by Renee Rubin Ross
Pay Equity: Performative or Palpable? by Erika Chen
The worst pieces of work advice I ever received by Maralyne Narayan


So you think you’re a philanthropist, huh? Or maybe you’re a power hoarder? Let’s find out! by Rebecca Paugh
Billionaires, DAFs, and the Changing Face of Philanthropy with Teddy Schleifer of Vox’s Recode, by the Ethical Rainmaker/Michelle Shireen Muri
White-focused philanthropy is on the way out; a philanthropy that unites us is taking over by Rachel D’Souza-Siebert
The Racist Roots of Nonprofits & Philanthropy LIVE with Christina Shimizu, by the Ethical Rainmaker/Michelle Shireen Muri
Collaborative philanthropy is rooted in African communal practice. Let’s reclaim it. by Samra Ghermay
Latinx communities deserve a place in philanthropy by Andrea Cota Avila
America’s charitable problem extends far beyond Giving Tuesday, and the Global South is bearing the consequences by Geetanjali Misra

Self-care & authenticity

Discomfort is the new black: 7 ways to prioritize discomfort so that you can learn to be a better human — for yourself and for the world! by Nina Yarbrough
Why throwing professionalism out the window was my best career move by Kelly Phipps
“Institutionalized,” a spoken word performance by Carlos García León
Surthrival with Kishshana Palmer, by the Ethical Rainmaker/Michelle Shireen Muri
Seasonal Nonprofit Burnout Disorder: You may be entitled to compensation by Selia Aponte
Why we need to get back up when we get knocked down: Lessons from closing a nonprofit I founded by Philip Deng
Here is why you don’t feel like a leader. (But you are one! You are!) by Meenakshi Das
Listen to the children … (because the world hasn’t ruined them yet) by Rachel D’Souza-Siebert
How we get over — how the Arts can be more than entertainment by Nicholas Steven George

White Supremacy & White Supremacy Culture

I wrote a CCF essay about racial gaslighting — and then white fragility blew up in my face! by Melia Smith
How are we supposed to get a leg up on the job hunt if all job interview #hottips are for white people? by Dominique Calixte
Deschooling and Decolonization with Akilah Richards, by the Ethical Rainmaker/Michelle Shireen Muri
White women as gatekeepers with Fleur Larsen, by the Ethical Rainmaker/Michelle Shireen Muri
That time an ‘equity office’ made me grasp how mandatory DEI training harms the most oppressed by Krystal Kavita Jagoo, MSW, RSW
Silence is complicity: What is unsaid speaks volumes by Nicole Salmon
Why I can’t get North Carolina’s state motto out of my head (and what other white people can learn from my obsession) by Nate Levin-Aspenson
What working at a flat organization has taught me about white supremacy by Yolanda Contreras
Shattering Fragility with Liz LeClair, by the Ethical Rainmaker/Michelle Shireen Muri
How NOT to treat folx with less privilege who understand oppression better by Krystal Kavita Jagoo, MSW, RSW