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Africa Rising Virtual Meetup

This event has passed. This gathering is all about celebrating the incredible talent, innovation, and potential of Africa. With engaging discussions and networking opportunities, this event is a must-attend for anyone passionate about Africa’s growth and development.


Instagram Live: What does it mean to be a disrupter in an institution?

This event has passed. Community-Centric Fundraising has been invited to speak at AFP Icon in Toronto. This is a big moment for the movement. How do we make sure that we are curious about how people are being helped by institutions — regardless if you’re a burn it all down, a reformer, or an incremental changemaker? Hear from Esther Lee, Rachel D’Souza, and Sommer Dawson who are all members of the CCF Global Council and have roles in AFP.


Remembering our first CCF ancestor

On March 1, 2023, Rakhi became our first Community Centric Fundraising ancestor. It was an unexpected transition, and there was much left unsaid. What does it mean to grasp fruitlessly at the closure we so profoundly yearn for? With the end of the year as a marker to ponder love and loss, the passage of time, and our ancestors, we hope to bring closure to this year and those moments by honoring Rakhi.