CCF Values

Community-Centric Fundraising agrees to adhere to the following values as we do this work (and to iterate these values when we need to):


We believe that while there is space for everyone, the work must be led by the people most affected by injustice.

We prioritize the voices of people of color, especially women, LGBTQIA+ folks, and people with disabilities

  • 75%+ of our blog posts will be written by people of color
  • 75%+ of our leadership will be people of color
  • We accept that people with shared identities need their own spaces to meet
  • We strive to compensate people equitably where we can
  • White allies play a critical but supporting role in this work (Please see FAQs for white allies)


We believe in challenging the way things have been done, including talking about difficult matters, taking bold actions, and embracing failure.

  • We speak and act boldly, even if it causes discomfort and disagreement
  • We are not afraid to tackle difficult topics, including race, slavery, reparation, colonization, anti-Blackness, and white supremacy
  • We try things that have not been done before
  • We will not be mired in process and discussion, but will take actions once there is sufficient information to act
  • We accept failure as part of learning


We believe the work can be done most effectively when we build community.

  • We make time to get to know one another
  • We care about and support one another inside and outside of this work
  • We welcome children and other family members when we can
  • We are thoughtful and inclusive of one another’s cultural traditions, including making sure gatherings do not conflict with important cultural holidays
  • We strive to ensure our meetings, events, and communications are accessible to people with disabilities
  • We will be thoughtful about gender identities and respect people’s pronouns
  • We are present with one another in meetings and gatherings, such as avoiding checking phones when possible
  • We find joy and humor while doing this work, but not at the expense of other people


We strive to do the right thing consistently while doing this work, including following through, admitting to mistakes, and treating people well.

  • We do the things we say we’re going to do
  • We strive to meet deadlines
  • We communicate our needs and do not get mad at people for not being able to read our minds
  • We will be honest and direct with one another when there is conflict
  • We admit to our mistakes, apologize, learn from them, and publicly share lessons when possible
  • We are thoughtful of our potential personal conflicts and will put the well-being of the community above our personal interests


We believe that a movement is the most effective way to transform fundraising philosophies and practices to be more equitable and effective.

  • We work to create a grassroots movement, not an organization
  • We strive to build solidarity between diverse communities
  • We push for transformative change, over incremental change