When Community-Centric Fundraising launched in July, we had no concept of what our hub would look like in December 2020. We had no idea we would be so fortunate to have the opportunity to work with such passionate, and intelligent folx — and we didn’t fully understand the kind of talent that exists in our sector.

Here’s an anthology of everything that was published in 2020, organized by theme (and in order of date they were first published).


8 ways to make fundraising more accessible for people with disabilities,” by Elizabeth Ralston
The invisible disability: How nonprofits fail their employees with mental illness,” by Ashley Lugo
Curb cuts and universal design: How I use my invisible disability to advocate for arts accessibility,” by Elizabeth Ralston


Why I decided to give up complicity in order to be an anti-racist volunteer manager,” by Laura Pilati
Reparations: How we white relatives must try to pay back the unpayable debt,” by Hilary Giovale
As a white woman, do I have a responsibility to disrupt philanthropy?” by Rebecca Paugh
White women as gatekeepers,” with Fleur Larsen, by the Ethical Rainmaker/Michelle Shireen Muri
Tokenism is NOT transformation” with Chuck Warpehoski, by the Ethical Rainmaker/Michelle Shireen Muri
Is your diversity plan going nowhere fast? Here are the 4 reasons why” by Christine Bariahtaris

Black Lives Matter

12 years a fly in the milk,” by Marisa DeSalles
10 reasons why fundraisers and nonprofits all need to support defunding the police,” by Erika Chen
How green bell peppers will end anti-Blackness. Seriously,” by Nina Yarbrough

CCF Principles

How you can start applying CCF’s 10 Principles today,” by CCF
My love of Ori’ dance, as seen through a community-centric lens,” by Isabella Lock
7 must-do activities in order to actualize a practice centered around community-centric fundraising,” by Rachel D’Souza-Siebert

Data & Research

How prospect research can help nonprofits become less racist and more inclusive,” by Elisa Shoenberger
Data Says!: Nonprofit professionals are unhappy with fundraising,” by Anna Rebecca Lopez
Decolonizing data,” with Anna Rebecca Lopez & Vu Le, by the Ethical Rainmaker/Michelle Shireen Muri
Data Says!: Current Fundraising Practices & Philosophies are Harmful,” by Anna Rebecca Lopez


The power of a fundraiser: Why you are the key to systems change,” by Michelle Shireen Muri
Six reasons why tiered event sponsorship needs to go!” by Phuong Pham
5 reasons your development planning sucks,” by Nikkia Johnson

Nonprofit sector

Nonprofit Industrial Complex 101: a primer on how it upholds inequity and flattens resistance,” by Sidra Morgan-Montoya
Radical transparency: Confronting nonprofit governance to truly eliminate discrimination and harassment,” by Shanaaz Gokool
Nonprofits can’t engage in political advocacy at all, you say? Wrong. We can and we must,” by Cami Aurioles
What if Jeff Bezos used food banks? An examination of how NPOs subsidize affluence,” by Sapna Sopori

On the job

What I learned from losing two jobs in the fight for racial equity,” by Erika Chen
“‘You want a director of what now?!’ When orgs that are hiring are too lazy to know what they want,” by Marisa DeSalles
Raises in a pandemic” with Ananda Valenzuela, by the Ethical Rainmaker/Michelle Shireen Muri
5 data-driven ways to bridge the culture gap between staff and board,” by Meenakshi Das


Philanthropy,” by Abdul Ali
Meaning well isn’t good enough,” with Vu Le, by the Ethical Rainmaker/Michelle Shireen Muri
Interpersonal Philanthropy,” by On Word for Wildlife/Tykee James
Disrupting your community foundation,” with Heather Infantry, by the Ethical Rainmaker/Michelle Shireen Muri
The racist roots of nonprofits & philanthropy,” with Christina Shimizu, by the Ethical Rainmaker/Michelle Shireen Muri
We’re breaking up: And it’s not me, Philanthropy — it’s you,” by Kimberly Tso

Self-care & authenticity

Kink, consent, & centering community,” with Lateef “L.T.” Taylor, by the Ethical Rainmaker/Michelle Shireen Muri
Heal yourself to transform society,” with Victoria Santos, by the Ethical Rainmaker/Michelle Shireen Muri
“‘What are you again?’ (Not your token Brown friend, that’s for sure!),” by Rachel D’Souza-Siebert
If we’re fighting for our futures, then why do I feel so tired and judged right now?” by Sidra Morgan-Montoya
The lies year-end fundraising told you (and 5 ways to care for yourself this time of year)!” by April Walker

White Supremacy & White Supremacy Culture

Why being gaslit by white people isn’t just emotionally violent, it’s racist,” by Melia Smith
White supremacy culture in professional spaces is toxic — to dismantle it, we must first be willing to name it!” by Ashley Lugo
#NonprofitKarens: What they look like and how you can spot one!” by Dominique Calixte
Code-switching! For when being your true self impedes that promotion you want!” by Kaitlyn Rich
Looking behind the curtain: How anonymous giving can uphold white supremacy,” by Elisa Shoenberger
White people: We need to do more than just ‘leverage whiteness’ to dismantle white supremacy!” by Sarah Stickney Murphy
Can anybody hear me? How white nonprofit writing standards erase BIPOC voices — and why that is definitely not OK,” by Yolanda Contreras
Ho ho holy silent dark night of the soul: On Christian foundations and how they maintain power through wealth distribution,” by Nancy Slavin