The definition is a generous donation,
How did you get all of that wealth accumulated?
what an enormous foundation,
You expect me to believe generosity move the elite,
we’re just in their plantation…

to promote welfare,
I mean, billionaires decide to give some of their share,
To a low class that hold care,
In hopes to declare,
Some type of fair…..

To, settle some affairs,
That are heinous,
Your organization’s plan,
To fight systems built in secret,
Coincidentally conceiving,
Having both sides sign on the dotted lines agreement,
New proposals released then,
Set timely, infrequent,
Boundaries set with rules, so there is no cheatin,
Hmm… how convenient

Examiners examinations gleaming,
As they discuss during a minor briefing,
A table full of individuals that are paid to be seated,
Their duty to decide which application is pleasing,
Kinda like the hunger games as we see it seeping,
Fighting for survival while all sides are competing,

See, their control’s increasing,
We’re left drained, leaking,
We’re then blinded perceiving,
To fight over cheese, were scheming,

The income inequality, a social philosophy,
Had derived from the pain that enriched the economy,

It was between the 30’s and the 70’s reconstruct and rebuild,
up and coming…
we were quite skilled,
Segregation was unwilled, cuz the law has been fulfilled,

But when then the suburbs got built,
those houses were filled,
The Government sat back, the blueprints were a thrill,
The movement to implement, seperational wealth
For generations to thrive,
A caste was instilled,

Prior to this,
All Americans were mixed,
Within communities,
Way before ownership,
Of a 2- or 3-story property,
They gave low cost loans to the white majority,
Then denied or charged high on the loans for minorities,
Left only 2% of ownership to the black man’s authority,

Now it’s all learned behavior with the whites mentality,
That if color moved in, it’s against normality,

No sales distributed, none of colored were commuted,
White flight, right on sight, no need to dispute it,

Now we’ve disguised the law, saying this of the norm,
People choices aren’t governed, so it couldn’t hold up in court,

Was it De Jure or De Facto, that’s the color of law,
They made it stretch whatever way it worked, its was all a facade,

All the houses built clout, the one’s in scattered out,
Now the blocks and the projects were left for those in doubt,
See the jobs then followed, and businesses burnt down,
So if you didn’t own a car, no job for you, cuz there’s no other route,

Now the schools were underfunded,
Flunk down to a drought,
Public homes were disowned,
The walls then broke out,
No government to assist,
Or help with bailouts,
Highways were set,
Division, was witnessed,
So you start to kick it,
Generational hang out,
Chillin and grilling, traditional cookouts,
What else is there to do, when society left you out,

Those in power stayed dreaming
Planning and scheming,
How can we do it legally,
Without, our history is repeating,

It came to 2 words.
Investing, infesting,

Now listen here if you were confused,
This will teach you a lesson,
If we move in simultaneous drives,
Then there will be less tension,

In the suburbs with time, the equity had climbed,
From a few grand to 6 figures, this here was the prime,

Home equity investments, some may say it’s impressive,
Now the others sit in question, it had built some resentment,

But then the hood was infested, with getting high or depressants,
The crack attack impression, while everyone was congested,

They arrested the melanin, sent men like a settlement,
Even though both races were dependant on medicine,
The war on drugs obsession,
100 years if you’re Black, this here was discretion
This propaganda, set Felons,
But no one dared to contest it,

Then they, overtaxed the community,
Sent money to the suburbs,
They paid pensions for punity,
Then gave cops immunity,
Made it seem like badges
And uniform were purity,
This isn’t my story, nor is it foolery,
Check the 13th amendment, it’s there written in eulogy,

But they say it’s returned,
in minor annuity,
Food stamps, or the WIC,
Health care when you’re sick,
Broken roads, and small checks,
To keep you alive,
you’d lose if your pockets got big,

Now let’s bring it back to scratch,
in defining this fantasy,
In total of quantity,
when we say philanthropy,

The sum can start from reparations of free work in slavery,
And what’s owned in acres and million dollar homes,
Are the natives trail of tears, this is the land that got dethroned

The elite, or sponsor, the amounts that we ponder,
As you stand in your privilege, then throw chump change that you launder,
Have this gimmick and practice to divide and conquer,
In these groups we scatter, it’s the cheese were after,
Inside a maze, we chase…
Go fight racism, they say…
Katniss Everdeen
this must be the Hunger Games,

Why don’t they hand you your share,
So you can fight for your freedom,
It’s your ownership that’s taken,
It’s them then that play treason,

The tale of 2 cities,
One has become an embassy,
While the other is like a refugee,
This is why history…. is important,
You’ll start to understand the climate & season,
This is the character of America, (Look at skin)
The institutional reasons…

Abdul Ali

Abdul Ali

Abdul Ali (he/him) is an Ethiopian American social activist who uses philosophical poetry from life’s experiences to meaningful messages in hopes of a better world. He is an artistic director with Maine Inside Out, an organization that uses theater to engage communities around the subject of incarceration, and works as an organizer with Maine Youth Justice, which brings people of all backgrounds together to address the failures of the criminal/juvenile justice system while working to advance reform.

As a formerly incarcerated young man, Ali also works in partnership with the Young People’s Caucus, which connects policy decision makers with young people to discuss and learn about topics that are important to youth in Maine, which creates a bridge for formerly incarcerated young people to access post-secondary education.

Ali can be reached via Instagram @humblephilosopher2020 and on Twitter @Humblephilo2020.