By Tykee James, #BlackBirdersWeek organizer and wildlife conservation activist

Episode summary

After some fans and supporters of #BlackBirdersWeek found Tykee’s personal Venmo account and gave him money, he decided to reflect on the concept of interpersonal philanthropy and if it can advance equity. He also connects the Principles of Community-Centric Fundraising to wildlife conservation.

Tykee James

Tykee James

Tykee (he/him) serves on the board of directors of the DC Audubon Society, Wyncote Audubon Society, Audubon Maryland-DC, and the Academy of Natural Sciences. He has been a part of the birding community for almost a decade. Most recently, he was one of the organizers of #BlackBirdersWeek

In his personal time he is a podcast host for Wildlife Observer Network, a wildlife media project he started with some wildlife-friendly friends in Philly. Tykee hosts two podcasts: Brothers in Birding and On Word for Wildlife. He can also be reached on Twitter @Tykee_James and on Instagram @TykeeJames.