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Using my experience with inequities in traditional grant writing to create a better opportunity for others

While experiencing the grant world as both a grant writer and a grantor, I got to see the possibilities along with the difficulties of providing an equitable and fair opportunity. And an opportunity to create a process for providing organizations with the support they need to continue the positive change they are making in their communities.


How understanding the cultural context in Nigeria’s restive zones can help us develop effective fundraising strategies that support meaningful change and address the underlying causes of conflict and unrest 

…it became evident to me that exploring fundraising in the African context through the lens of ethnicity, social class, and cultural dynamics offers a more nuanced understanding of how fundraising efforts are influenced and propelled within communities. These factors intersect and intertwine to shape social relationships, trust, and social capital, ultimately impacting the success and sustainability of fundraising initiatives.


Engaging authentically with racialized, modest income, and Millennial donors

Charitable giving potential is often measured by individual tax returns, and gifts sent to registered charitable organizations. However, people who don’t claim tax credits are still generous. Consider donors who give to crowdsourcing platforms which cannot be claimed by income tax. Or donors who give to people or organizations that are not linked to registered charities. Or what about those who donate their time through volunteerism?