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Why must the white cis nonprofit workers angry react to all my posts? Ep: “That’s just the way it is”

Apologies if you’ve heard this one before: imagine me — a queer, trans, triracial person — in a Zoom meeting with an all-white, all-cis Development Committee. A proposal for a pay-to-play fundraising scheme (a fundraiser that requires donors to pay to engage in an activity, in this case: an educational event) is on the table and I mention the equity issues of who can access this and how it doesn’t advance the mission…


The Ethical Rainmaker: “The truth about cancel culture (and an alternative approach),” featuring Kevin Baker

Cancel culture. Disbanded groups. Severed ties. Intent vs Impact. Most of us are shit at dealing with problematic behavior – our own or others! Whether in our nonprofits, our neighborhood groups, activist communities or families – our unresolved conflicts cause damage, chaos and separation – in times where we need unity, repair and one-ness to best serve our communities. Enter Kevin Baker whose mission is to make sure people can bring their authentic cultural selves to the workplace, creating healthier, more open workspaces that better serve humans.


The Ethical Rainmaker: “The truth about unhoused folks (and harm reduction!) ft. The Sidewalk Project”

Medical violence. Stigmatization. Criminalization. These are just a portion of the harms we, as nonprofits, cause the people we are supposed to serve. That’s why Soma Snakeoil and Stacey Dee created The Sidewalk Project, an organization that advocates for the dignity and rights of people living on the streets. Everyone deserves to be treated with respect, have their needs met, and receive medical care, but our unhoused neighbors are often denied even the most basic compassion and dignity.

In this latest episode of the Ethical Rainmaker, learn about some of the shitty practices we perpetuate and how we can instead empower communities that have been systematically harmed and erased


The Ethical Rainmaker: “How I Figured Out I Suffer From Toxic Productivity,” ft. Marina Martinez-Bateman

Are you slowly killing yourself or your joy through over-working? Toxic productivity may be a buzz phrase currently, but it’s also becoming the norm — and it can ruin your life! In this episode of The Ethical Rainmaker podcast, Marina Martinez-Bateman and Michelle talk about Work with a capital W — whether it’s laboring for labor unions, the carrots of accolades, work culture, and the bedtime story moment that changed everything for Marina.


The Ethical Rainmaker: “Why honesty is my favorite form of poetry” featuring Matthew Cuban Hernandez

Honesty. We crave it and we don’t get enough of it! In this episode, award winning poet, hip hop artist and teacher Matthew Cuban Hernandez of Street Poets Inc. (LA) talks with Michelle about honesty in our interpersonal relationships and in our organizations, rites of passage, structural racism and ageism in working with young people and…giving work away! ​


The Ethical Rainmaker: “How I Became an Accidental Sweatshop Overlord” featuring Kristina Wong

​International comedian, performance artist, actor and elected official Kristina Wong, talks about the subversive game, the performance of her lifetime (elected office) and her journey as an accidental sweatshop overlord through her latest mutual aid project and book The Auntie Sewing Squad. Based in LA, California learn about the connection between art, organizing and radical politics.