By Michelle Shireen Muri, Freedom Conspiracy Principal and CCF co-founding member

Episode Summary

Purity culture is a form of supremacy and oppression — controlling and dictating how people express themselves, causing anguish and keeping us from our best work. Michelle and Lorraine Nibut talk about large breasts, gun culture, our clothes, the sexualization of little girls, fetishization and consent violation … basically the many ways purity culture holds us down — and what we can do to fight back against it!

Episode Notes

Juicy episode alert! Michelle and Lorraine break down many aspects of purity culture and how this form of supremacy and oppression — controls and dictates how we express ourselves, causing anguish and keeping us from our best work. From large breasts, to Honey Boo Boo, the Atlanta spa shooting and fetishization, the Fyre Festival  and consent violation … Michelle and Lorraine explore the many ways purity culture holds us down — and what we can do to fight back against it! 


Lorraine’s recommends: 

  • Present how you are most comfortable, unapologetically
  • Embrace your identities – own it and rise above the shamers
  • Speak your needs choose courage over comfort as courage can bring comfort
  • Express when something is uncomfortable for you
  • Face when your own discomfort is preventing you from your own success

About the Ethical Rainmaker podcast

In the United States alone, philanthropy is a $427 million dollar industry, of which 68% comes from individual donors. Yet the practices, theories, and foundation of modern philanthropy and fundraising often ignore the ways in which the industry perpetuates harm.

The Ethical Rainmaker, hosted by Michelle Shireen Muri, is a podcast that hosts authentic conversations grappling with the questions that we don’t often ask in the nonprofit world. Join us as we explore some of the practices that undermine our missions and navigate the way forward with today’s resisters, reimaginers, and the re-creators of the third sector. It’s time to think differently.

Photograph of Michelle Shireen Muri in front of a body of water

Michelle Shireen Muri (she/her) is the co-chair of the founding Seattle chapter for Community-Centric Fundraising and the host of the podcast, The Ethical Rainmaker. She is the founder of Freedom Conspiracy, a small collective of fundraising consultants focused on bringing values-aligned practices to clients in the nonprofit and philanthropy spaces. @freedomconspiracy on Instagram. You can send her a tip via Patreon.