CCF Rewind: An update on the CCF Global Council + emotional sustainability, more please

As you may know, while we canceled our info session for the Global Council that was slated to take place yesterday, we’re definitely still moving forward with receiving applications for the CCF Global Council, which will take over in leading CCF.

We needed to cancel the virtual info session because of unforeseen circumstances, and we’re really sorry about that. We are currently working as a team and with our transition pod members to figure out next steps. We’ll communicate new information as soon as we know, (including any updated deadlines)!


CCF Rewind: Building a more inclusive relationship with your stakeholders — how?

We hope you’re having a good start to the week. We just got through another heatwave in Seattle over the weekend, and right now it’s cool and comfortable again. Thank goodness for that.

So just a reminder that we’re a little over a week out from our CCF one-year anniversary celebration! It’s next Wednesday. Please RSVP if you haven’t yet. It’s going to be a fun time, and we miss seeing all of your faces virtually.


CCF Rewind: Happy one year to CCF! Celebrate with us on Aug. 25!

When we launched CCF last year in the summer of 2020, we had no idea the kind of year we were in for. We launched near the beginning of a pandemic here in the U.S. and embarked on a lot of unknowns — we didn’t know how CCF would be received and we weren’t sure about what impact it would make.

Our first year has been really significant, in terms of the many ongoing conversations and connections it has created in the sector and in philanthropy. We’ve been so elated to hear stories of the community-centric fundraising work y’all were already doing and continue to do. We’ve been so humbled that you have shared your stories with us, so that we can in turn showcase so that all of us in the sector know that we are not alone and that we can be stronger as a collective whole. Thank you so much for all of your support over the last year. And thank you for reading these CCF Rewinds!

In honor of our one year, we’re going to hold a celebration. But before we get to the deets on that, here’s an essay you ought to read!