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As you may know, while we canceled our info session for the Global Council that was slated to take place yesterday, we’re definitely still moving forward with receiving applications for the CCF Global Council, which will take over in leading CCF.

We needed to cancel the virtual info session because of unforeseen circumstances, and we’re really sorry about that. We are currently working as a team and with our transition pod members to figure out next steps. We’ll communicate new information as soon as we know, (including any updated deadlines)!

FYI, one of the things we’ve been focusing on lately is trying to reach a wider, more global audience with this application, to create a council that is truly global in breadth, not just in name. It’s shaping up to be kind of difficult! So it would help us a lot if you shared this application with potentially interested folks in your networks, especially those outside of North America. Also, if you have some ideas about how we can reach more folks worldwide, please let us know by responding to this email. Your ideas will get routed to the transition pod members.

We appreciate you sharing our application for the CCF Global Council with your networks. Please continue to apply and please also continue to give us feedback on this process. We really appreciate your engagement and interest in CCF.

Here’s the Rewind:

READ: “How I achieved MY version of emotional sustainability
By Meenakshi Das

Meena is back! And Meena is the best. We really love working with her because she’s super warm, friendly, and is always this ray of light that keeps checking in on how we are doing. Meena is just that kind of person! And she wrote an essay about the things she does on a regular basis to keep centered, grounded, and balanced in the face of entrepreneurship and living in a totally new city (during COVID, no less).

It’s not stuff like: “Light a candle and take a bath.” It’s stuff like: “Be radically honest.”

Read this charming essay. The practice about reliving a fun memory is totally great.

LISTEN: The Ethical Rainmaker Podcast, “Why honesty is my favorite form of poetry” featuring Matthew Cuban Hernandez
By Michelle Shireen Muri, CCF co-chair


We crave it, but we don’t get enough of it!

In this episode of the Ethical Rainmaker, award-winning poet, hip hop artist and teacher Matthew Cuban Hernandez of Street Poets Inc. talks with Michelle about honesty in our interpersonal relationships and in our organizations, rites of passage, structural racism and ageism in working with young people and … giving work away?! ​

Matthew is cool. Listen!

APPLY: Become a part of the CCF Global Council!

CCF is looking for new leadership to push this movement forward. Our transition pod is helming the process of creating a global council. Learn more and apply:

The deadline for this was March 7, and it’s now probably TBD. We’ll let you know the updated deadline when we know what it is. Thank you for the flexibility! We want to give folks more time, especially with the cancellation of the info session.

By the way, we are always looking for new voices and new perspectives for our Content Hub! Check out our editorial guidelines if you’re interested in contributing!

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