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READ: “What to do when we f*ck up — because we will — a lot
By Rebekah Giacomantonio

When we feel hurt because of someone’s actions or words, we often just want the person to hurt us to acknowledge the impact they had and to say they are sorry. However, as Rebekah points out in her essay, making amends isn’t always so clear-cut and easy. Repair work, especially from folks with privilege, is often so hard to do — why?

Rebekah tackles this in her awesome essay. Read it (and get annoyed by Bryce!)

WATCH: Fundraising on TV shows, accurate or nah? The Ethical Rainmaker InstaLive with Nia Wassink
By Michelle Shireen Muri, CCF co-chair

Nia is the co-host of The Nonprofit Reframe Podcast, and in a recent InstaLive, she and Michelle chatted about how fundraising is portrayed in popular media. From medical dramas like The Knick and The Good Doctor, to comedies like The Office and Parks and Rec, fundraising and fundraisers show up in a lot of the media we love. Sometimes these portrayals are totally relatable, and other times they’re absolutely absurd.

Watch their convo!

WATCH: On burnout culture in our sector, the Ethical Rainmaker InstaLive with Selia Aponte
By Michelle Shireen Muri, CCF co-chair

Is burnout making you physically ill? You’re not alone! Selia and Michelle chat about the systemic issues that lead to burnout and turnover of nonprofit staff, how those issues can be addressed on an organizational level, as well as their own experiences feeling and recovering from the physical consequences of burnout.

Watch the InstaLive!

APPLY: Become a part of the CCF Global Council!

CCF is looking for new leadership to push this movement forward. Our transition pod is helming the process of creating a global council. Learn more and apply:

FYI, applications will be reviewed in late March with interview invitations being sent out by early April. The new CCF Global Council members will start their terms in July 2022. We encourage folks to apply!

By the way, we are always looking for new voices and new perspectives for our Content Hub! Check out our editorial guidelines if you’re interested in contributing!

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