The CCF Rewind

We’re just two days away from our anniversary event this week. We really hope you will join us — it will be fun! The link to RSVP is further down this email, but before we get to that, here’s something awesome to read:

Pay equity: performative or palpable?

By Erika Chen, CCF co-founder, Seattle-based activist, consultant, and former development professional

Hey, are you all also really tired of people saying that one of the biggest reasons why we haven’t yet achieved pay equity is because women and people of color just aren’t good enough at negotiating pay raises (like white men are) — that we are just not good enough at advocating for ourselves? 

Erika is def super over it! So much so that she wrote a really badass essay about the real reasons why we haven’t achieved pay equity in the nonprofit sector yet. You need to read this one — and share it out to everyone! It’s so good!


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LAST CHANCE TO RSVP! Our one-year virtual celebration is happening this Wednesday!

 Join CCF to celebrate one year of movement building. We’ll hear updates from co-chairs, Andrea Arenas and Michelle Muri, and be in community through dialogue and fun games.

 When: August 25, 2021 at 1 p.m. central time (U.S. and Canada)

To do: Also, please take a moment to share your wins, highlights, and learnings from this past year of the movement on this Kudoboard that will be shared out at the event! What have you been able to do, big or small, because of the CCF movement?

Accessibility and accommodations: CCF arranges services based on needs and requests. We might not be able to accommodate all requests this close to our event, but please still let us know! We may be able to make something work.

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