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This week, we have two awesome pieces that are basically about de-centering whiteness in our sector, which is one of the more important ongoing conversations to have in our sector. Please check them out!


Latinx communities deserve a place in philanthropy

By Andrea Cota Avila

Latinx communities are not only often overlooked in the predominantly white-led world of philanthropy in this country, but Latinx individuals are often left completely out of the conversations about charitable giving. 

However, being an immigrant from Mexico herself, Andrea has first-hand knowledge of the rich traditions of community-centered giving in Latinx cultures. In her essay, she goes about ‘reclaiming’ Latinx history in the philanthropic space and also offers three tips on how we can better include Latinx communities in our work. Give it a read


White-led organizations: Here are three keys to incorporating racial equity in strategic planning

By Renee Rubin Ross

Right now, Renee, a strategic planning consultant, has noted that there are a lot of historically white-led organizations who are wanting to prioritize racial equity in their strategic planning processes. While the high interest is a good thing, it is nearly always complex, difficult, and uncomfortable to undergo this work. 

This is why, with the consultation of women of color experts, Renee draws together three keys that will help get these white-led organizations closer to success — that is, closer to authentic equity-centered change versus performative activism for the sake of optics. Read her essay


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