The CCF Rewind

This week, we have two reflective pieces for you, from two people who look back at their career in nonprofit and fundraising through a retrospective lens. We hope you enjoy their stories.


Why we need to get back up when we get knocked down: Lessons from closing a nonprofit I founded

By Philip Deng

About a year ago, Philip emailed us because he wanted to share his story, a heartbreaking one about starting and then closing down his nonprofit. It was hard to get the story off the ground at the time though, maybe because everything was still too raw for him. So we put a pause on Philip’s essay.

Then more than a year later, Philip turned in an updated story — one that is simultaneously bittersweet, sad, but also very, very hopeful. We remarked to Philip that this new story is the one he is meant to tell. 

Please check out his essay, which is basically about finding the will and courage to move on after heartbreak. 


Why I am a fundraiser — despite not setting out to be one

By Rakhi Agrawal

For many of us BIPOCs, the story of ‘accidentally’ becoming a fundraiser is a pretty common one because in many of our communities growing up, the world of fundraising and philanthropy is far removed from our experiences. Rahki’s story is no different. Like many of us, she became a fundraiser through happenstance (and then became disillusioned and burned out and then came back with a new perspective on it).

We love reading this kind of story, in all its iterations. While this story is often difficult, it is also affirming (like, yes, we aren’t the only ones experiencing and feeling this way!) and hopeful (yes, there are still so many cool, smart, and passionate people in the sector trying to truly center equity!) Read Rahki’s essay today


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