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We’re writing to you from the thick of a delirious heatwave in Seattle, so we’re gonna be efficient about this before we fully melt into a sweat puddle. This week, we have two essays that made us rethink almost everything we thought we knew about journalism standards and also all of the things we assumed about Pride month. Thank you so much to Elisa and Carlos for the education.


Take your Pride month and shove it

By Carlos García León

This is our new favorite piece that Carlos has written for CCF. In his essay, he tackles Pride month and how it’s been co-opted and appropriated by corporations and straight people — while people like him are still fighting every day for basic rights that most of this country takes for granted. This essay is important — it’s full of emotion. It’s angry — as it should be. And it’s also beautiful and creative and idiosyncratic and deeply Carlos. Read it please!


Why journalism needs to rethink its gold standards, especially when reporting on communities of color

By Elisa Shoenberger

So much of our communication practices in this sector are based on journalism standards (like in the impact stories we are taught to tell, the testimonials we are taught to grab from the people we help, the annual reports that we write at the end the year) — and journalism standards are also awashed in white supremacy and structures of power. 

So how do we decolonize journalism standards? Read Eliza’s essay to get some ideas.


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