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Hope you’re having a good Monday and that you can see the sunshine from where you’re at. The weather has been a bit mercurial in Seattle, and today is a cloudy day (but the sun is supposed to come out later in the week!) 

The theme of this week’s content in CCF is about the roots of philanthropy. Both pieces deal with the idea of “stolen” or co-opted history and take the position that we must understand the past in order to reclaim and reimagine a more equitable future in our sector. 

READ: “Collaborative philanthropy is rooted in African communal practice. Let’s reclaim it.”

By Samra Ghermay

As a proud immigrant from Eritrea, Samra grew up on African proverbs, sayings from respected elders that she absorbed as wisdom and guidance. As an adult in the sector though, Samra noticed that philanthropy really likes to use these proverbs, often co-opting, misattributing, and also without the awareness of their history and their context.

Similarly, the concept of ‘collaborative philanthropy,’ which has become a rather popular idea and term over the past few years, has undergone similar whitewashing. In her essay, Samra pulls together so much care, knowledge, and nuance as she teaches and reminds us that collaborative philanthropy is rooted in many communal Indigenous and African societies. We need to give credit where credit is due, and we need to reclaim it.

LISTEN: The Ethical Rainmaker: “Part 2: The Racist Roots of Nonprofits & Philanthropy LIVE with Christina Shimizu

By Michelle Shireen Muri

Two of CCF’s co-founders, Michelle Shireen Muri and Christina Shimizu, teamed up again for a very special episode of The Ethical Rainmaker (TER) — this episode was done LIVE at the Washington Nonprofits conference! 

This episode is a follow-up of the hugely popular Part 1 of Michelle and Christina’s conversation together. In this latest, they expand upon the more recent history of how some of our norms in philanthropy came to be and why philanthropy is built on deep injustices. Toward the end of the episode, they also do a Q&A with the audience, which is a first for TER. 🙂  

(FYI, this episode also serves as the season two finale of TER, but don’t worry, Michelle is coming back soon with more thought-provoking episodes and more super dope guests.)


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