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So often in our work, we rely on tactics. We talk about the tools we need to do our jobs. We talk about the training we need to do more work. We talk about the gaps and the holes that we need to plug up (and put band-aids on). 

However, we hope the pieces we’re sharing with you this week serve as a reminder to not just orient ourselves at subsiding and surviving — but demand that we are given the space and opportunities to thrive. The pieces this week push us to imagine how we might take all of the beautiful talents and gifts BIPOCs in this sector already have — and just create huge growth and impact and fulfillment just through healthier conditions.


READ: “Cultivate talent with the same energy level you cultivate gifts — especially with your BIPOC support staff

By Priscilla Lopez

We all generally know and acknowledge that across many sectors and industries, there is a deficit of leaders who are Black, Indigenous, and People of Color — nonprofit being no exception. As Priscilla points out in her essay, only 20 percent of people in executive leadership roles in nonprofit are BIPOC. 

Yet why is common practice to look outside when hiring new leadership? Why are we not looking internally and building up BIPOC leader pipelines within our organizations? 

Read Priscilla’s thoughtful essay. She has some theories.


LISTEN: The Ethical Rainmaker: “Surthrival,” with Kishshana Palmer

By Michelle Shireen Muri

In the latest ep of The Ethical Rainmaker, Michelle speaks with Kishshana Palmer, of the Let’s Take This Offline podcast, The Rooted Collaborative, and Kishshana + Co. Their topics of choice? On living well to lead well, performative alllyship, authenticity (because assimilation is so last decade), financial fortitude, and more. 

Kishshana is really cool! She’s a motivating and inspiring figure in nonprofit leadership who speaks globally about topics like recruiting and retaining diverse talent, diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace, leadership, managing high-performance teams, and wellness. 
Listen to the podcast!


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