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Rather poignantly this week, we are presenting content from two ends of a spectrum. We have an essay from an awesome executive director who hasn’t been able to pay himself for the entire 10 years his nonprofit has been in existence — and we have a discussion about relative wealth and how billionaires are probably giving only a fraction of their unfathomable wealth away — but honestly, we don’t even know because the entire thing is designed to be so opaque.  

READ: “I’m an executive director who has worked for free for nearly 10 years. Is it still even worth it?
By Nicholas Steven George

OMG, you HAVE TO read this one. For one, Nicholas is an amazing writer and his words are just so full of honesty, vulnerability, and heart. We want you to read this one just so for the chance to get to know him as the amazing person he is.

Nick is a Black man who founded his nonprofit a decade ago — and he has been holding it up and supporting it purely on a volunteer basis, because of the love and passion and sense of duty that he has to his work and to his community. And in his essay, he asks himself (and by extension so many of us in similar positions): Is it even worth it? 

Nick’s essay is painful at times but also just startling beautiful. Please check it out. And please connect with him and give him words of adoration.

LISTEN: The Ethical Rainmaker, “Billionaires, DAFs, and the Changing Face of Philanthropy with Teddy Schleifer of Vox’s Recode
By Michelle Shireen Muri, Freedom Conspiracy Principal and CCF co-chair

Here’s an alarming fact: The pandemic has been a boon to billionaires. There are now more billionaires than ever, and 86% of them are richer than they were just a year ago.

In the latest episode of The Ethical Rainmaker, Michelle talks to journalist Teddy Schleifer, who covers what billionaires in Silicon Valley are doing philanthropically — and while we know just bringing up the topic of billionaire philanthropist is sure to drum up visceral responses from folx in the sector, Teddy does make this great point in the podcast: That just as reporters cover poverty in America, so should they cover wealth in America. We need to know the facts about how the wealthiest people in our country are spending their money.

Listen to this here

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