The CCF Rewind

It’s been a really exhausting few weeks, and we hope you’re hanging in there and finding bits of joy in your days because you deserve it. You are awesome just for being you. Here’s a reminder to be gentle with yourself. It’s okay to not go 100% all the time.

Here’s stuff to read and listen to this week:

READ: Focusing on fundraising goals is harmful — let’s measure love instead
By Vivien Trinh

When folx from the Oregon Food Bank (OFB) told me that they started measuring love in philanthropy instead of financial goals — we were initially like, BUT WHAT DO YOU MEAN? HOW? 

Well, it’s actually really, really cool and tangible and not as ethereal as you might be thinking! OFB has come up with some processes! Which means that measuring love looks like it will be absolutely viable, and we can’t wait to see how this endeavor shakes out and all of the lessons to learn from it. OFB’s Vivien gives an overview of the journey in an essay for CCF, and there’s a longer, more detailed breakdown on OFB’s website.


LISTEN: An Ethical Rainmaker remix: “White women as gatekeepers
By Michelle Shireen Muri, Freedom Conspiracy Principal and CCF co-chair

Michelle decided to re-air her most popular to date because it’s pretty apparent that white women need to listen to it. This episode was re-aired last week in response to the overwhelming tsunami of white women tripping over themselves in the course of passionately and publicly defending Tom Ahern for his recent racist, sexist, and ageist behavior — behavior that only continues to discourage BIPOC fundraisers in this sector and deny us our humanity. This ep is for all of the white women out there who are bad at empathizing, who think they are above reproach because they are on DEI committees and are reps of their local AFP chapters. This is for the ones who hypocritically uphold and abet a racist system and racist culture.

Also, if you’re not a white woman or if you’re a new fan and missed this the first time, this ep is still worth a re-listen! Michelle recorded new snips for this remix! 


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