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We hope that you are safe and taking care of yourself and your loved ones. After the heartbreaking events of last week — the Atlanta shooting by a racist misogynist who murdered eight people, most of whom are BIPOC and of Asian descent, and the shittiest response from law enforcement — it’s been more apparent than ever just how important it is for all of us to continue fighting against white supremacist systems that aim to keep us divided and vulnerable. For everyone who is hurting right now, we are right here, hurting with you.

Here’s what we recently posted in our CCF hub:


READ: “(Mis)Adventures in fundraising: What you can learn from my first failures in community-centric fundraising
By Rachel D’Souza-Siebert

Believe it or not, Rachel has been CCFing before there was even an official CCF website. The great thing about this is that she brings with her just loads of wisdom from her experimentation and learnings (though sometimes Rach calls them #FFFs — fucking first failures). Rachel’s FFFs are great because they are like a cheat-sheet, a way to help us efficiently navigate in our own journeys toward building community-centric fundraising practices in our work and organizations.

Read her essay.


LISTEN: The Ethical Rainmaker: “Bringing Community to Communications, with Sarah Durham”
By Michelle Shireen Muri

There have been so many problematic practices we’ve used in nonprofit communications — so how do we start thinking about communications, differently? In her latest, Michelle talks with Sarah Durham founder of Big Duck, a New York-based nonprofit communications firm, podcaster with The Smart Communications podcast, and author of two books including Brandraising and The Nonprofit Communications Engine.

Listen to the two talk about the difference between communications, marketing and branding, how Americans are terrible at research, unnecessary urgency as a characteristic of white supremacy in communications, and what we can start doing differently today.


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