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Hope you are recovering from losing an hour to Daylight Savings. We sure haven’t. 😉

This week, we are delighted to share some pieces that center around the workplace. There’s an essay about the extra steps that BIPOCs have to navigate when job searching — and how all the #HotTips are really written for white folx — and there’s also an essay on why every meeting (yes, all of them!) should at least mention race and equity.


How are we supposed to get a leg up on the job hunt if all job interview #hottips are for white people?
By Dominique Calixte

We’re so excited to have Dominique write another essay for us. This one is about how BIPOCs have to contend with unspoken obstacles and considerations when job searching, while our white-dude counterparts, the Chads and Billys of the world, can breeze through the process because they don’t have to worry about addressing microaggressions, systemic racism, or dealing with the various forms that discrimination can take.

Dominique gives some #HotTips of her own, tips for BIPOC job seekers that are leagues better than the standard garden variety advice of “show up at least 15 minutes early.” Read her essay!


Why every meeting should mention race and equity
By Renee Rubin Ross

Renee Rubin Ross is a white trainer and facilitator who learned a hard lesson a few years ago. She learned that because she was uncomfortable talking about race in her classes and in her meetings, many of her BIPOC students didn’t feel seen or encouraged. Renee was alerted to this through a note that a Black student had handed to her.

That moment really changed things for Renee, and now she makes it a point to, at the very least, mention race and equity in every meeting that she has in order, as a white person, to stop perpetuating harms. Learn more about what she means through her essay.


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