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Both pieces in this week’s Rewind touch on nonprofit boards — from an essay about how chasing diversity metrics (via generic calls for garnering “more diverse” perspectives) isn’t the way, to how a mostly-Black board still struggled with centering community — which goes to show the range of nuances that can extend beyond just ‘getting more non-white people onto a board.’

Also, BIPOC friends, our BIPOC Town Hall is happening this Thursday. Be sure to register if you haven’t yet!


READ: “Does your board need to be more diverse? Here’s how to do it
By Meenakshi Das

After publishing her first essay on how to close the culture gap between board and staff, Meena is back with some more #realtalk about boards. This time, it’s about how to increase board diversity holistically — not just by the numbers. She reminds us that while metrics are important, they are only one component of a series of ongoing efforts.

Plus, Meena identifies and gives actionable tips around some key moments (like when you are recruiting, when you’re approaching, and when you’re integrating new board volunteers) so that you can really center diversity and inclusion. Read this!


LISTEN: “Collecting Courage with Nneka Allen,” on the Ethical Rainmaker
By Michelle Shireen Muri

This week, Michelle talks to Nneka Allen — an Afro-Indigenous woman, proud Momma of Destiny, 6th generation Canadian, co-editor and an author of “Collecting Courage,” and principal of The Empathy Agency — who discusses the deep and meaningful work required to save an Underground Railroad site — the Nazary AME Church (part of the Amherstburg Freedom Museum). Through this effort, Nneka learned her ancestors were leaders in that movement but she also faced the frustration regarding the failure of the museum’s [mostly Black] board of directors to center the current-day struggles of their community.

This episode also covers aligning ourselves with the demands of love, forgiveness, the power of storytelling, and attachment styles. ​Listen to it.


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Save the date: “MOVEMENT” — a CCF BIPOC Town Hall Series
When: March 11

Join us on March 11, 2021 for CCF’s final (for now) BIPOC Town Hall series. Our theme will be Movement. We will share ideas and explore how to collectively build the CCF movement to support BIPOC fundraisers. Spoiler alert: It’s not easy and there are no quick answers.

This event series is EXCLUSIVELY for Black, Indigenous, and persons of color, and is the third and final part of a three-part monthly series.

Live captioning will be provided.

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