The CCF Rewind

Really excited about this week’s Rewind. Have you ever wondered what Legos have to do with the nonprofit sector and philanthropy? Have you ever wondered how being a really great Pokémon Trainer is basically like kicking ass at capacity building?

Well wonder no more. Here are the answers you seek.

Plus! BIPOC friends, please remember to register for our last (for now) BIPOC Town Hall on March 11!


How to become a Pokémon master … at organizational capacity building!
By Nina Yarbrough

Uh, did you know that Nina is kind of the very best? Nina wrote and created the most amazing thing we’ve ever read about capacity building in our life!

Oftentimes, it is really difficult to articulate what the heck organizational capacity building is to those outside of the sector (and sometimes to those within the sector), nevermind articulating the nuances of the different facets and challenges in it — but Nina really goes for it with all of the heart and humor a person is capable of and breaks it all down in a really easy-to-understand and entertaining way.

Not just that, she also uses her legit expertise and tells us that being a Pokémon master is not only possible, but it is completely within our reach with an intentional approach. Read and savor this one, please! And please do remember to follow her on Twitter.


Take a lesson from Legos: Donor-centric fundraising doesn’t have to be in opposition to community-centric fundraising
By Nate Levin-Aspenson

When Nate proposed an essay about how Legos relate to fundraising, we were like, “Oh dude, absolutely you must write this.”

Nate has such a gift for making beautiful connections between seemingly disparate things in his storytelling. Here, he takes us on a really rad journey, from the most coveted Lego piece ever — to horse poop — to the wheel — to his hardline stance on feudalism (he ain’t into it) — before he pulls it all together and tells us just how and why community-centric fundraising really isn’t at odds with donor-centric fundraising at all.

Read this, laugh, and share this out. And please also follow Nate on Twitter.


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Save the date: “MOVEMENT” — a CCF BIPOC Town Hall Series
When: March 11

Join us on March 11, 2021 for CCF’s final (for now) BIPOC Town Hall series. Our theme will be Movement. More info forthcoming, but mark your calendars!

This event series is EXCLUSIVELY for Black, Indigenous, and persons of color, and is the third and final part of a three-part monthly series.

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