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We hope you are doing well. We’re back to work at CCF, and this week, we bring you two badass essays themed around programming.


7 ways to tell stories ethically: the journey from exploited program participant to empowered storyteller
By Nel Taylor, major gifts officer

Nel spent a number of years being the face of communication campaigns. Their story as a program participant of an arts nonprofit, detailing their transition out of homelessness, was exploited and used to solicit donations for years. As Nel says in their essay, they were praised for their difficulties instead of celebrated for their real attributes and hard work.

That truly crappy experience has inspired Nel to become an especially conscientious storyteller. They’ve done the awesome and much needed work of putting together a list of 7 ways for all of us to start telling stories more ethically. (The list is pretty easy to adopt so there are no excuses not to do these things!)

We’ve got to stop pretending program workers don’t exist
By Nate Levin-Aspenson, grants manager

Nate brings up a really important point: That in donor-centric communications narratives, when we make the donor the hero of the story, when we craft messaging that says, “Your donation fed 100 hungry people” — we completely erase the many operational layers that actually are in between the donor and the people that are helped by nonprofit programming. We erase the nonprofit workers — and all the work it takes to actually make donations impactful.

In his essay, Nate calls on everyone to remember us program workers, because beyond the ethical implications of this, the erasure of program workers also contributes to a culture that devalues nonprofit work — and that ultimately makes our jobs harder.


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What: “SELF” — a CCF BIPOC Town Hall Series
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Join us on Thursday, Jan 14 for cafe-style conversations with fundraisers of color across the country. We’ll explore our relationship with philanthropy, share origin stories, and imagine a world where communities are centered. This event series is EXCLUSIVELY for Black, Indigenous, and persons of color and is hosted by Community-Centric Fundraising, featuring co-chairs Vu Le and Michelle Muri.

This will be the first of a three-part monthly series.

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