The CCF Rewind

As we start to close out 2020, we at CCF just want to say how much we appreciate all of our content creators. With every new piece that comes through our inbox, we are just shocked and humbled by the wisdom, insight, vulnerability, and bravery that each one of CCF’s content creators puts on display.

We are so honored to have been able to showcase all of the talent that exists in this sector. Here are two more pieces we are excited to share with you.


READ: “Ho ho holy silent dark night of the soul: On Christian foundations and how they maintain power through wealth distribution
By Nancy Slavin, development and grants officer

This is a really hard topic to tackle and a really hard essay to write. It’s more accepted to point to governmental institutions and criticize them as entities that wield systemic power to uphold white supremacy, but it’s far less acceptable to say the same thing about religious (namely Christian) institutions.

So it is truly amazing and brave, that Nancy wrote this and is sharing it with all of us. This essay gives a voice to a lot of people who feel the way Nancy does, and we’re so proud to be able to publish this. Please give this essay a read and a think.


READ: “Is your diversity plan going nowhere fast? Here are the 4 reasons why
By Christine Bariahtaris, consulting prospect researcher and writer

Diversity plans are very, very hard. If they were easy, everyone would be nailing them and we wouldn’t have all of the problems we currently have. Diversity plans not getting off the ground or moving at a glacial pace can also be pretty mystifying — after all, with all of the thought and planning that goes into them, you’d think something would work, right?

Christine, a prospect research and writer, wrote this essay to help us sift through the confusion! In her piece, she covers the four biggest (and most common) obstacles that get in the way of well-executed DEI work. Check it out!


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