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The end of the year is upon us, (and what a craptastic year it has been). This week, we’re glad to be able to share two pieces from our Content Hub that touch on our humanity. Both of them exemplify why it’s so important to continually practice compassion and care — with one another and especially with ourselves.


READ: “If we’re fighting for our futures, then why do I feel so tired and judged right now?
By Sidra Morgan-Montoya, Portland-based artist and writer

Sidra brings up a really important question that we should all be asking ourselves: If we drive ourselves to the brink of exhaustion, what toll does that take on our minds and our bodies? Is the cost worth it?

In their essay, Sidra examines the culture that conditions us to burn out — and they urge us to push back against white-dominant norms and to allow ourselves (and those around us) to be fully human. This is a weighty concept, we know, but Sidra does an amazing job of breaking it down simply: Start by creating the conditions that allow us to see the sunrise, and things will start to click together.


READ: “5 data-driven ways to bridge the culture gap between staff and board
By Meenakshi Das, fundraising analytics consultant

Who here hasn’t strongly disagreed or even outright clashed with a board member? So many of us have and, believe it or not, that cultural gap between nonprofit staff and board has only widened in 2020.

Meena says it doesn’t have to be like this — there are a few data-driven ways to build trust, harmony, and cooperation between staff and board. She breaks it down in 5 really doable ways — and it’s super cool to us that the running thread in this essay is that relationship-building and community-building is the center and key of everything. Read this!


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