The CCF Rewind

Happy Monday! Here’s some brand new stuff for you from the CCF Content Hub. This week, we have a visual feast for your eyes and also an auditory feast for your ears. There’s also a fair bit about data this week!

VIEW: Data infographic: “Current fundraising practices and philosophies are harmful”
By Anna Rebecca Lopez, AR Lopez Consulting

In the latest CCF infographic, we learn that folx overwhelmingly agree that current fundraising practices and philosophies are harmful to the social justice, equity, and community-oriented work we are all trying to accomplish in our organizations.

The content of this infographic was pulled together and synthesized by Anna Rebecca, from a survey of more than 2,000 fundraisers and nonprofit professionals. There is a visual version of it and also a text-only version of it.

LISTEN: “The Ethical Rainmaker: Decolonizing Data with Anna Rebecca Lopez & Vu Le
By Michelle Shireen Muri, Freedom Conspiracy Principal and CCF co-chair

In this ep of The Ethical Rainmaker, our CCF crew (Michelle, Anna Rebecca Lopez, and Vu Le) get together to talk about how data is often used as a weapon to reinforce white savior narratives, indulge in poverty tourism, and much more.

Additionally, Anna Rebecca shares her personal journey with deep academic cred as a data nerd and disruptor, and the three talk about what questions we must ask to truly center our communities. ​Check it out!

(Also, this is the season finale of The Ethical Rainmaker! Michelle is taking a much-earned break for the rest of the year and will come back stronger than ever, with brand new eps of TER. Stay tuned!)


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