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Here’s new stuff for you from the CCF Content Hub. Our essayists continue to be so amazing, and for us, it is absolutely awe-inspiring to still be making all these new connections, to find so much commonality and emotional resonance in every person’s unique story and point of view. We are glad to be able to share new work with you each week.

READ: “‘What are you again?’ (Not your token Brown friend, that’s for sure!)
By Rachel D’Souza-Siebert, founder + principal, Gladiator Consulting

For a chunk of her life, Rachel did what so many BIPOCs — especially women — have done. She split herself in half, into a work-self and a home-self. She was afraid that if she showed up anywhere authentically her whole self, she would not be accepted and she would continually face professional barriers for it.

Rachel learned she was totally wrong! She has actually learned that authenticity is the key to everything. Authenticity actually became the reason Rachel is such a badass today.

Do you want to learn more? You gotta read her personal story to get the full lesson.


READ: “White people: We need to do more than just ‘leverage whiteness’ to dismantle white supremacy!
By Sarah Stickney Murphy, founder and principal, Stickney Murphy Consulting, LLC

How many times have white people thought (and been told) that with great power comes great responsibility — that white people collectively need to wield what they were given for the forces of good instead of the forces of evil? ​

Well, Sarah is telling us that that’s all BS. She is telling us that it’s actually not enough for white people to leverage their power (their whiteness) to take down racism.

What white people actually need to do is quit.

And more! Sarah has a lot of #hacks for everyone. Read her entire list of ways to properly dismantle white supremacy!


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