The CCF Rewind

OMG, what a week.

We hope that you found time for some rest, some refresh, and maybe some celebration. We all frankly deserve to hold a bit of optimism after four years of one of the most tumultuous and dangerous presidencies in the U.S.

And while we know that Biden and Harris’ victory is overall a positive turn for the nation, we want to acknowledge that a change in the administration does not at all mean that we have realized a world in which our hard work is no longer needed. We want to hold space for all of us — especially our fellow BIPOC colleagues — who feel mixed feelings about the outcome of this election. White supremacy, patriarchy, and so many other injustices have not gone away overnight.

We hear you, we will support you, and we will recommit to the belief that liberation is not only possible — it is attainable. LFG!

Here’s awesome new stuff for you from the CCF Content Hub. Read, listen, think, feel, and communicate. We love hearing from you on the socials and also on Slack!


READ: “Looking behind the curtain: How anonymous giving can uphold white supremacy
By Elisa Shoenberger, Journalist and Writer

Gonna be honest with you. Before I read Elisa’s essay, I was under the pretty simplistic impression that anonymous giving is a-okay — noble even. Elisa taught me that it can be, but it can also be very sinister, hiding hate through secrecy.

Elisa gives us concrete examples, like how in 2019, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology knowingly accepted substantial anonymous donations from the late sex-offender Jeffrey Epstein.

This essay explores the question of: Is anonymous giving bad or good (does it hurt or help us in achieving equity in philanthropy?).

To get the answer to that, read the essay.


LISTEN: “The Ethical Rainmaker: Heal Yourself to Transform Society with Victoria Santos
By Michelle Shireen Muri, Freedom Conspiracy Principal and CCF co-chair

Yo, this podcast is super timely! In this episode, Michelle talks with Victoria Santos, a deep healer, community organizer, and brilliant facilitator, who shares her self-healing journey after trauma and burnout. Sounds like something we can all relate to, right? If our goal is to be in community and work with or help others, we must first work within ourselves — taking on the healing process to not recreate the patterns that have oppressed us.

Victoria is the co-director of Young Women Empowered, cultivating the power of diverse young women and is a co-founder of BIPOC Executive Directors of Washington State.

Listen to her in the Ethical Rainmaker as she shares wisdom around what we need to release and practice to serve a better society. ​


FYI, we are always looking for new voices and new perspectives for our Content Hub! Check out our editorial guidelines if you’re interested in contributing!



What: 2020 Philanthropy Debrief AF
When: Next Tuesday, Nov. 10 at 1 p.m. PT

Description: CCF co-chair Vu Le and Crystal Hayling, Executive Director of the Libra Foundation will be chatting together and doing a retrospective of philanthropy — you know, the good, the bad, the ugly — and what we need to do moving forward for a brighter 2021.

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