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Hope everyone is staying warm this week! (Or cool if you’re in a hot climate. Here in Seattle, autumn is definitely upon us.) Anyway, there’s some amazing stuff to read from the CCF Content Hub this week as well as the last chance to register for a worldwide conference. Check it out:

READ: “Curb cuts and universal design: How I use my invisible disability to advocate for arts accessibility
By Elizabeth Ralston, consultant and founder of the Seattle Cultural Accessibility Consortium

Elizabeth is back with another essay! This time, this one is personal.

This essay is really a story about how Elizabeth, who is deaf, fell in love with the arts at an early age — with films and theater. She faced and still faces many challenges accessing the arts. She used to get in trouble for shining a tiny pen flashlight in theaters in order to read scripts and follow along with shows, for instance.

And during her early career in nonprofit, she downplayed her disability — because she did not want to be defined by it.

Until she had an epiphany: Her disability is an asset

Get the whole story in Elizabeth’s essay.

LISTEN: “The Ethical Rainmaker: The Racist Roots of Nonprofits & Philanthropy with Christina Shimizu
By Michelle Shireen Muri, Freedom Conspiracy Principal and CCF co-chair

This is a fun episode of The Ethical Rainmaker because it features two of our CCF co-founders: Michelle Shireen Muri and Christina Shimizu!

Together, they go back to the very beginning and explain how and why nonprofit and philanthropic systems were built on white supremacy. This is an important episode because, often in progressive circles, we throw terms like “faulty” and “problematic” and “racist” around when we talk about the nonprofit industrial complex, and we often forget that not everyone always has the historical context or understanding of how we’ve arrived at these conclusions.

This episode is a great primer for both those who are newer to these concepts and also those who are familiar, but may not know the intricate history. This podcast is thick with fascinating info, so def take a listen! You will, for sure, learn something new.

FYI, we are always looking for new voices and new perspectives for our Content Hub! Check out our editorial guidelines if you’re interested in contributing!


What: Relationships are Everything, a virtual global summit for fundraisers and changemakers!
When: Oct. 28, streaming live worldwide

Description: This is the first-ever global virtual summit dedicated to relationship fundraising. Join leaders, fundraisers, and experts from New Zealand, Austria, India, Zimbabwe, the U.S., Canada, Italy, Switzerland, and the U.K. for global conversations about the future of relationship fundraising.

Confirmed presenters include (CCFers are bolded): Tycely Williams, Ken Burnett, Simone Joyaux, Dr. Jen Shang, Michelle Muri & Vu Le, John Lepp & Jen Love, Naimah Bilal, Lauren Jones, Michelle Berriman, Beth Ann Locke, Ligia Peña, Jay Love, Jeff Schreifels & Richard Perry, Bill Littlejohn, Fungai Mettler, Dan Shephard, Lea Moliterni, Amy Eisenstein, Ingrid Gerstbach, Thomas Avila, Jennifer Loeb, Adrienne Taylor, Nancy Buffington, Laura Tully, Nneka Allen, Birgit Smith Burton, Elizabeth Ralston, and Dominique Calixte.

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