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Thanks so much for following along with and being a part of the CCF movement!  Here are some new and awesome things to read from the CCF Content Hub.

READ: “Code-switching! For when being your true self impedes that promotion you want!
By Kaitlyn Rich, Community Strategist at the Redd

It’s a crossroads that so many BIPOCs face when navigating more conventional workplaces: Should we be our authentic selves and risk alienating those around us who can’t actually handle our authentic selves? Should we open ourselves up to criticisms that we are being “unprofessional” when truly, we are just being real?

Or should we change everything about ourselves (the way we talk, the way we dress, our mannerisms, just our entire personalities in general) in order to be bland and most palatable to whiteness?

It’s a tough question that Kaitlyn tackles in her super thought-provoking essay on code-switching. This essay is really good! Read it!

READ: “The invisible disability: How nonprofits fail their employees with mental illness
By Ashley Lugo, a human who works in fundraising and development

Ashley is back with a brand new essay, and this one delves into an issue that is so important yet often glossed over or frankly misunderstood in workplaces — sadly, the nonprofit sector is no different in this respect.

Mental illness is an invisible disability that manifests in so many diverse ways — and oftentimes, those with mental illness are met with stigmatization, insensitivity, gaslighting, or straight up hostility when they are brave enough to disclose their mental illness to their employers.

Ashley, who is amazing!, takes us through her own personal experiences with this in her essay. We learned a lot from this one and we know you will, too.

FYI, we are always looking for new voices and new perspectives for our Content Hub! Check out our editorial guidelines if you’re interested in contributing!


What: Relationships are Everything, a virtual global summit for fundraisers and changemakers!
When: Oct. 28, streaming live worldwide

Description: This is the first-ever global virtual summit dedicated to relationship fundraising. Join leaders, fundraisers, and experts from New Zealand, Austria, India, Zimbabwe, the U.S., Canada, Italy, Switzerland, and the U.K. for global conversations about the future of relationship fundraising.

Confirmed presenters include (CCFers are bolded): Tycely Williams, Ken Burnett, Simone Joyaux, Dr. Jen Shang, Michelle Muri & Vu Le, John Lepp & Jen Love, Naimah Bilal, Lauren Jones, Michelle Berriman, Beth Ann Locke, Ligia Peña, Jay Love, Jeff Schreifels & Richard Perry, Bill Littlejohn, Fungai Mettler, Dan Shephard, Lea Moliterni, Amy Eisenstein, Ingrid Gerstbach, Thomas Avila, Jennifer Loeb, Adrienne Taylor, Nancy Buffington, Laura Tully, Nneka Allen, Birgit Smith Burton, Elizabeth Ralston, and Dominique Calixte.

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