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READ: “How green bell peppers will end anti-Blackness. Seriously.
By Nina Yarbrough, Business Development Manager & Consultant

We are so blessed to have multidisciplinary artist Nina Yarbrough share a really powerful essay with us. On the surface, Nina’s essay presents a story about how she was once a picky eater and hated green bell peppers for reasons that she eventually learned were a bit suspect. She talks us through glimpses of her upbringing in Ohio. We see peaks of her adoration of her mother. We laugh through the betrayal she felt when she learned that her mother had “tricked” her for so many years.

And we learn how all of this is a metaphor for undoing anti-Blackness — and how things that we conflate in our mind and act like are completely impossible aren’t actually so unachievable. Nina tells us that if she can get over green bell peppers, then so many other things are possible. Read her essay!

LISTEN: “The Ethical Rainmaker: Disrupting Your Community Foundation with Heather Infantry
By Michelle Shireen Muri, Freedom Conspiracy Principal and CCF co-chair

On the latest ep of The Ethical Rainmaker podcast, Michelle talks to Heather Infantry, an Atlanta-based executive director, about Heather’s experience with a local community foundation that blatantly excluded Black-led organizations in their first round ($580,000) of COVID-19 relief funding!

Heather knew that wasn’t right and took up the charge to lead, push, strategize, and question this foundation’s 27-year history of grantmaking to primarily white-led organizations. She galvanized Atlanta’s Black arts community and its supporters to hold the foundation accountable — one of the ways that this manifested was in a virtual town hall on June 10, in which more than 70 reps from Black arts organizations and supporters came together to have frank discussions with the foundation. The outcome of this conversation and of Heather’s organizing ended up being very interesting …

Listen to The Ethical Rainmaker to learn what that foundation’s second round of funding looked like.

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