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Hope you are having a good start to the week. For those who have been affected by the poor air quality last week like those of us in the Pacific Northwest and the West Coast, we hope y’all are able to take in a big cleansing breath this week!

Welcome to the latest CCF Rewind. Here’s the latest from our CCF Content Hub.

8 ways to make fundraising more accessible for people with disabilities
By Elizabeth Ralston, consultant and founder of the Seattle Cultural Accessibility Consortium

We love this essay because Elizabeth graciously takes the time and puts in the effort to really lay out a multitude of ways that we can be more accessible (and thus more inclusive) in our fundraising efforts, which is important as ever, now that more fundraising efforts are virtual. A plus is that many of Elizabeth’s tips are really easy to implement — stuff that we all can start doing right now, today. Read her essay to learn what her eight tips are!

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