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READ: “White supremacy culture in professional spaces is toxic — to dismantle it, we must first be willing to name it!
By Ashley Lugo, a human who works in fundraising and development

What’s not often talked about is how a bunch of “normal-seeming” workplace practices, habits, and cultures in our sector are actually practices rooted in white supremacy. In her essay, Ashley shares a deeply personal story about how being held to the unspoken and confusing rules of “professionalism” were really instances in which she was actually minimized, emotionally gaslighted, and even tokenized. It is so exhausting, but so much love to Ashley for going through the labor and for sticking it out with us in the sector. We need more people like you, Ashley!

READ: “Six reasons why tiered event sponsorship needs to go!
By Phuong Pham, Director of Knowledge & Communications, Southern California Grantmakers

When Phuong was asked for a million and a half things and a million and a half explanations from a potential $5,000-level event sponsor, she faithfully answered and did her due diligence — only to NOT get the sponsorship at all. This is something nearly everyone who has worked in development is familiar with. Well, this caused Phuong to really reflect on tiered sponsorship as a concept — like, what is even the point? Spoiler: There is little point. Phuong is saying this practice needs to go!

LISTEN: The Ethical Rainmaker, “Tokenism is NOT Transformation,” with Chuck Warpehoski
By Michelle Shireen Muri, Freedom Conspiracy Principal and CCF co-chair

In the latest TER episode, Michelle asks her guest, Chuck Warpehoski, a white male DEI consultant, just WHY there are so many white diversity, equity, and inclusion consultants making money off of the racism that they’ve helped perpetuate. Chuck certainly addresses that question — but more than that, he also talks about the ways in which white-led institutions and white folx in leadership positions constantly get it wrong … and what it looks like to get it right. You’ll also hear Chuck turn it around on himself and do some reflection. He talks about being raised “color-blind” and how he knew it was bullshit from the beginning, but his understanding of the pervasiveness of white supremacy and racism was still abstract for a while. Toward the end of this episode, Chuck frankly talks about mistakes he has made while working to serve the community as a white man. ​Well worth a listen!

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Upcoming Event

What’s Broken in the Foundation and Donor Landscape?” presented by
When: Sept. 21, 11 a.m. PDT
Where: Zoom

About: This is a town hall that will discuss the current rules governing philanthropy, especially foundations and donor-advised funds, how these operate in practice — and how wealthy people are using these vehicles to game the system.

This event is moderated by Vu L (Nonprofit AF and Community-Centric Fundraising) and speakers include Edgar Villanueva (Decolonizing Wealth), Andrea Caupain (Byrd Barr Place), and Chuck Collins (Institute for Policy Studies and

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