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Here are some of the latest items to check out on our CCF Content Hub. We’re so proud of the amazing and really brave work so many of our colleagues in the sector are doing. You can get a taste from the links below!

READ: “Radical transparency: Confronting nonprofit governance to truly eliminate discrimination and harassment
By Shanaaz Gokool, life-long human rights activist and nonprofit discrimination disruptor

Shanaaz is the former CEO of a prominent Canadian human rights charity who has a wrongful dismissal and systemic racism and discrimination lawsuit pending. This gives her particularly unique insight on how the way nonprofit governance is set up can actually obfuscate or obstruct and oppress those who seek to lift the veil on discriminatory behaviour in the workplace. Shanaaz is calling on the sector to really address ways to listen to and protect those who have been workplace victims of discrimination, bullying, and more.

READ: “Why I decided to give up complicity in order to be an anti-racist volunteer manager
By Laura Pilati, Engagement Coordinator at Honoring Choices Virginia

Over the course of her career in nonprofit as a volunteer manager, Laura, a white woman, has been a part of and has witnessed many troubling, problematic, and straight up racist articulations that happen in the work of “friendraising” for organizations — that is, cultivating volunteers. In her essay, Laura breaks down the mechanisms and beliefs that drive some of the more inequitable approaches to building and maintaining a volunteer base, as well as offers up some ideas for applying community-centric values to volunteerism.

LISTEN: “White Women as Gatekeepers,” with Fleur Larsen
By Michelle Shireen Muri/The Ethical Rainmaker Podcast

With white women as the primary demographic of the nonprofit workforce, this episode of The Ethical Rainmaker addresses white women in their role as gatekeepers. Fleur Larsen, a DEI consultant and white woman, talks frankly and honestly with TER’s Michelle to answer BIG questions like why are there so many white DEI consultants making money off of racism (as well as what gatekeeping looks like — and what we should do in response to it.)

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