We wanted to recap some recent highlights that have happened since our July 13th launch.

In case you missed the Data Says webinar, here’s a recording  in the News section of our website.

Anna Rebecca’s webinar last Friday had about 700 attendees! In case you were unable to join in, you can view the recording of it online now! It resides on the new News section of our website. (Going forward, this section will have CCF updates and announcements posted regularly. You can find it under “About” on our website.)

Also, new on our website is the Events page.

The Events section will be a good place to check for upcoming events as well as get links to recordings of events that have passed.

Notably, we’re holding a CCF Town Hall on August 10. Save the date!

We’re holding our first CCF Town Hall on August 10 over Zoom! This event will be a chance for everyone to meet some of our content contributors and learn more about their work and individual journeys. The format will be a panel discussion. You can register for it by clicking the button below!

Plus, did you see that there’s a bunch of new stuff in our CCF Content Hub?

We’ve been learning that there is some serious talent in our sector. Here are the new pieces in our hub that you should check out:

READ: “What I learned from losing two jobs in the fight for racial equity,” by Erika Chen
Erika is one of the leaders of CCF’s founding Seattle chapter, and our team is awed by her guts in writing this piece. Some of us even cautioned her not to tackle this because we were worried about her future job prospects. But Erika was like, “No, I’m going to do it. This is important.” And this courageous essay is the result.

READ: “How prospect research can help nonprofits become less racist and more inclusive,” by Elisa Shoenberger
In this essay, Elisa was really awesome in explaining the many ways in which prospect research can be really problematic and perpetuate racism and white supremacy-based practices in our sector. She approached this essay from a journalist’s eye, presented different voices, and also offered direction for making prospect research more anti-racist.

WATCH: “Philanthropy,” by Abdul Ali
We are so lucky that Ali reached out to us with the idea of writing and performing a spoken word poem created just for CCF. “Philanthropy” has beautiful and crushing lines in it like, “A table full of individuals that are paid to be seated / Their duty to decide which application is pleasing / Kinda like the hunger games as we see it seeping / Fighting for survival while all sides are competing.” Please watch this and give some love to Ali so he’ll do more performances for us!

LISTEN: The Ethical Rainmaker’s premier episode, “Meaning well isn’t good enough ,” with guest Vu Le, created by Michelle Shireen Muri
Michelle is CCF’s badass co-chair, and she’s been diligently and passionately working on this podcast on top of everything else. We were completely floored by this episode, which features CCF’s other co-chair, Vu Le. Please listen to these two good friends talk about how CCF was created as well as some really fascinating tidbits on Vu’s backstory and how his experiences inform who he is today.

READ: “’You want a director of what now?!’ When orgs that are hiring are too lazy to know what they want,” by Marisa DeSalles
Marisa is awesome! She tackles really complex ideas with truthfulness, incisiveness, and a sense of humor (so that her hard honesty goes down easy). In her latest, she talks about how development professionals are often called on to meet used car salesman quotas. If that sounds problematic that’s because it sure is. See Marisa break it down in the link above.

And if you want to send us some love financially …

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Okay, that’s all we have for now!

Thanks for reading this update. We’ll be in contact again soon! Have an amazing week!